You are not alone in revenue cycle management.

Running a practice or a hospital system takes a village. You can't be expected to do it all on your own, but when you're in charge it can be hard to delegate important roles. Reimbursement changes have made this issue in revenue cycle management increasingly more challenging over the last few years.

At UHN, we work as an extension of your practice. We succeed by implementing proven revenue cycle management systems, focusing solely on radiation oncology specialized services and remaining transparent and collaborative with our clients.


The UHN team follows  proven collection systems, making our work seamless, yet personalized to each client. After over 40 years of working with radiation oncology centers, we've figured it out. 


Health care organizations are similar to patients in that they often need specialists. This is why UHN focuses specifically on billing for radiation oncology groups. This specialization allows clients to be confident.


Bringing a team in to handle your revenue cycle management can be intimidating. We maintain full transparency with our clients and their staff, serving as an extension of their practice.